My first Job experience at McKinley & Rice during pandemic

About the Company

Work Experience

Caster :

  • Navigation Between Screens
  • Function Components and Class Components
  • React-Native Fundamentals (Props, state, components)
  • Building Reusable Components
  • State Management in React components
  • Reducers
  • How to handle screen layout
  • How to use API’s
  • Advanced State Management using Context
  • Redux
  • In-App Authentication
  • Learned How to create a popup using Modal and react-native share to share external links with others (React-native).
  • Learned how to display ads in the web app and mobile app using Google’s AdSense and AdMob
  • Learned React Native Bridge for iOS (create a Swift class, expose it to Obj-C, then expose it to React Native)
  1. Search bar in explore screen where a user can search the chat rooms base don title.
  2. Filter feature (A user can filter the chat rooms based on 3 options i.e. Daily Best, Newest, and Popular).
  3. And bookmark feature (A user can bookmark a member and can see the bookmarked member list in his/her profile screen).
  • React.js
  • Firestore cloud functions (onCreate(), onDelete() and onUpdate()).
  • Algolia API documentation for search bar functionality and Sort by feature functionality.

I would like to thank Keshav tooteja, Hemprasad Badgujar (Tech Lead), and Rishabh Jain for guiding me and helping me in these projects.

I am thank full to all my professors at Bennett University and Deepak Garg for making me industry-ready.




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Baipureddy neeraj

Baipureddy neeraj

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